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Workflow Efficiency

by: Drew Barontini

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Input-System-Action Process



  1. video
    Keeping & Organizing Notes03:00
  2. video
    Task Management04:16
  3. video
    Time Management03:45


  1. video
    Personal OKRs06:15
  2. video
    Daily Planning04:01
  3. video
    Weekly Planning02:37
  4. video
    Establishing a Routine02:58


  1. video
  2. video
  3. video
    Keyboard Maestro07:21
  4. video

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About This Bundle

Learn how engineer Drew Barontini creates, maintains, and seeks continuous improvements to his workflow. He’ll go through in-depth strategies and practical tools to help you go from “doing” to “done”. No matter what your role is, when it comes to what systems and processes you employ to get your tasks done, your workflow matters. Each episode is packed with real-world advice from Drew and advice on how you can adapt this model for your own needs.

About The Author

Drew Barontini

Drew is an engineer, organizer, and efficiency expert. He helped build and mainain, and a number of products and properties across the web.

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