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Business Fundamentals

by: Jason VanLue

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Brand Architecture



  1. video
    Brand Positioning05:37
  2. video
  3. video
    Validating Your Product Idea09:13
  4. video
    The Business Plan06:03


  1. video
    Basic Principles
  2. video
    The Cost of Opportunity
  3. video
    Hacking Consumer Behavior


  1. video
    How to Price Your Work
  2. video
    Planning Ahead: Financial Forecasting
  3. video
    Accounting & Legal: What You Really Need

Sales & Marketing

  1. video
    The Art of Selling
  2. video
    Writing Proposals That Win
  3. video
    The Game of Business Development
  4. video
    Marketing & Promotion

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About This Bundle

Learn business fundamentals from entrepreneur Jason VanLue. This isn’t your average 'Bueller, Bueller' business class—Jason brings the boardroom to your screen without the jargon and nonsense. Embark on an adventure that will help you scale the peaks of strategy, sales, finance, and marketing. In this Bundle, each lesson is packed with practical fundamentals combined with real-world advice. Chart your path to a successful business—no suit required.

About The Author

Jason VanLue

Jason is an entrepreneur, designer, and writer. He’s designed educational products for some of the world’s most innovative companies and is author of Three Pipe Problems and Branding Matters.

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